This course is structured around the central concept that leadership is not an optional skill, but is a requirement to live a full life in service to others and the community. 

This course will help students understand the responsibility of leadership, develop leadership skills, and analyze conditions and situations where leadership is required in order to bring leadership skills to all facets of life. Concepts of leadership will be discussed through analysis of of effective communications, problem-solving techniques, resource management, and ownership. Course is designed to provide a basic introduction to leadership by focusing on the attributes of leadership, philosophy and styles of leadership, task and relationship management, creating a vision, creating a positive and safe environment, conflict resolution and embracing challenges.

Beginning Wednesday, September 14th
Every Wednesday @ 6:30 PM - 8:30PM
Mark Farouk
Course Instructor

Br. Mark Farouk

Mark Farouk has over twenty years of experience operating in a fast paced and dynamic environment making statewide policy on important California issues.  In this role he has led multiple diverse and talented teams in making transformational change to California policies.  Mark has completed numerous hours of leadership training sessions as well as conducted detailed research on various styles of leadership and leadership philosophies.  Mark has a B.A. and M.A. in Government from California State University, Sacramento.