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Tarbiya Institute believes that knowledge derived from authentic Islamic sources provides vital solutions to modern day challenges. Tarbiya aspires to document and export its understanding of Islam by creating Tarbiya entities throughout the nation. Each entity would lend and receive support from its local community and other Tarbiya entities. This will ultimately set the standard and provide all-encompassing services to meet the spiritual, intellectual and physical needs of the community.


Tarbiya will offer robust and comprehensive educational opportunities for students of all ages, both virtually and onsite, which will ultimately influence and impact policy making and integrate modern Muslim issues into the political and social discourse.

Tarbiya Institute exists to educate, train and empower generations of American Muslims through the lens of authentic Islamic knowledge, to address new and modern challenges, thereby fostering an American Muslim identity. To this end, Tarbiya provides religious and social services to the family, neighborhood, and community to bring people together, and provide them with leadership and clear direction to lead a godly life.

2023 Annual Theme


In the Quran, Allah (SWT) says in Surat Aal-Imran:

وَكَأَيِّن مِّن نَّبِىٍّۢ قَـٰتَلَ مَعَهُۥ رِبِّيُّونَ كَثِيرٌۭ فَمَا وَهَنُوا۟ لِمَآ أَصَابَهُمْ فِى سَبِيلِ ٱللَّهِ وَمَا ضَعُفُوا۟ وَمَا ٱسْتَكَانُوا۟، وَٱللَّهُ يُحِبُّ ٱلصَّـٰبِرِينَ

“Imagine how many godly men and women strove along with their prophets and never faltered despite whatever they suffered in the cause of Allah, nor did they weaken or give in! Allah loves those who persevere”

In this ayah, Allah (swt) gives a name to a higher standard of devotion: Rabbaniya, or Godliness. This is a standard for every believing man or woman, a lifelong pursuit for the faithful. Just like the word Tarbiya, Rabbaniya is derived from Rabb, meaning Lord. In the Quran and the prophetic tradition, Rabbaniya describes the spiritual state of believers who dedicated their lives to their Lord and exerted all possible efforts to live godly lives.

If Rabbaniya is the goal, then Tarbiya is the way.

In 2023, Tarbiya Institute has set Rabbaniya as our annual theme, to govern our conversations and inform our teachings throughout the year. We pray that this theme will inspire so much growth for the people and the families of our community, in our commitment to our Lord, and inspire us to lead meaningful lives under Allah’s shade.

Our Team

At Tarbiya Institute, our diverse team is committed to utilizing our individual passions, professional skills and spiritual commitment to provide the paths/means for our Muslim American community  to carry forth the torch of  traditional Islamic knowledge as they navigate through modern day challenges.  Meet each of our torchbearers that are dedicated to inspire, build and lead.


Executive Management

Central Staff

Tarbiya House Roseville

Tarbiya House Natomas




Br. Yaqub Khan

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Vice Chair

Sr. Muzhda Ferouz


Br. Ali Sharif


Br. Zahid Iqbal

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is a linguistic derivative of the word Rabb, or Lord, and it denotes a comprehensive process of personal progress, whereby an individual grows spiritually, intellectually and socially to achieve a godly life. In the context of Islamic work, it's about helping individuals acquire the needed skills and knowledge base through a structured educational process to achieve harmony between their divine obligations and worldly responsibilities.

Tarbiya Institute is an Islamic organization that focuses its efforts on restoring the authentic image of Islam, and the empowerment of the Muslim individual through perpetual personal progress. Tarbiya acquired its first location in Roseville, California to serve the community in Placer County. The facility is called the Tarbiya House, which offers all the services that a masjid offers, but goes above and beyond to provide a safe space for all Muslims to worship Allah in a mosque environment, but also get involved in their community at their own pace. At Tarbiya, women, youth and converts, natives and immigrants, refugees and professionals, all are welcome.

For that, programs are devised, including mentorship, regular halaqas, ongoing activities, volunteer opportunities, leadership training, classes, camps and much more. This is the purpose of the Tarbiya Institute as we envision it.

At Tarbiya Institute, we strive to cater to the needs of the family by paying attention to the needs of its building blocks.
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