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The Nizami Order at Tarbiya Institute provides a comprehensive course of study for the spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth of our students. A faith-based program specially curated for ages 12-22, the Nizami Order aims to cultivate the next generation of scholars and leaders in the community by training students to live morally, act wisely and lead compassionately in the footsteps of the Beloved ﷺ.


Graduates of the Nizami Majlis-ul-Ilm will be well prepared to serve as leaders, teachers, and mentors in the community. Our students will be accomplished in matters of deen and dunya, and choose to serve their Creator in the manner that best befits them.

An Introduction

The Nizami Order was created to address the lack of structured Islamic education and support beyond the “Sunday school years,” for youth and young adults. It is at the heart of our efforts to assist the community in finding harmony between one’s divine obligations and worldly responsibilities. Through seminar based learning, the Nizami Majlis fosters high-level Islamic education, discourse, and positive social activism.

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Equip students with critical thinking tools and foundational knowledge to understand traditional Islamic texts and to then implement what they learn.

Provide students with the skills, training and opportunities to embrace leadership roles through public service while learning to better understand their social responsibilities.

Offer a system of brotherhood and sisterhood to foster spiritual and emotional intelligence, while also providing a safe space to build healthier and long-lasting relationships.

We Create Strong Muslim Identities

We aim to equip our students to have strong Muslim identities and to be capable citizens and self-aware worshippers.

Our Values

We provide a comprehensive Islamic education that will aid our students to live their lives in accordance with the deen.

The Prophet (S) said;

“Whoever follows a path to seek knowledge, Allah (SWT) will make easy for him the path to Paradise.” 

We supplement our students’ education with their mentors as examples of proper akhlaq. We provide a guide to students through their specific challenges as Muslim Americans through an islamic lens and guidelines emulating the demeanor and akhlaq of the Prophet Mohammed (S).

The Prophet (S) said;

“The most beloved of you to Allah (SWT) is the best of you in character.”

We foster a sense of brotherhood/sisterhood amongst our students, helping them develop life-long companionship with each other and their mentors. Our students become a support system for one another, aiding one another to stay on the path of righteousness.

The Prophet (S) said;

”The Muslims in their mutual love, kindness and compassion are like the human body where when one of its parts is in agony the entire body feels the pain, both in sleeplessness and fever.”

We foster a sense of ownership of the community in our students by involving them in all types of volunteer activities within the masjid and around the community.

The Prophet (S) said

Whosoever removes a difficulty from a believer, Allah will remove from him a difficulty on the Day of Judgment. Whosoever comforts a destitute person, Allah will comfort him in this world and the next  Allah will aid a servant (of His) so long as the servant aids his brother.

We aim to instill in our students a love and connection to the masjid through the creation of positive experiences.

The Prophet (S) said

The most beloved of places to Allah (SWT) are the masajid.


The Nizami Plan

A bridge from Sunday school to a more sophisticated course of study.


The Curriculum

The Nizami Majlis at Tarbiya Institute is the only program in the area that serves as a consistent and well-structured bridge from Sunday school learning to a more sophisticated course of study at our Tarbiya Seminary. Many parents struggle to find the appropriate Islamic Education program for their children in the crucial teenage years, and the Nizami Majlis-ul-Ilm seeks to fill this void.

The program consists of three phases
Phase 1

A two-year program for students aged 12-14, this phase focuses on cultivating sisterhood/brotherhood to grow a love for Islam together.

Phase 2

For the next four years, adolescents aged 15-17 increase their spirituality by applying Islamic knowledge in their secular lives, as well as developing professional skills needed during high school and college.

Phase 3

This advanced course of study for ages 18-22 encourages students to build upon their bonds and Islamic knowledge by working towards giving back to the community through service.

Splitting the groups up into phases helps to provide customized and age-appropriate support for all levels of spiritual and intellectual development. Each phase builds on the previous one, and students will engage in a Decade of Education in Islamic Studies, receiving a certificate upon completion of the program. Our students will be able to then continue their education in Islamic knowledge at the Tarbiya Seminary as well as various Tarbiya Small Groups. 

The Nizami Order provides students with the tools to help them face the difficulties of being Muslim in a non-Muslim country. The youth of today face challenges that are very different from those of the youth in previous generations. Navigating through those challenges can sometimes be confusing with the constant easy access to misinformation and peer pressure all around. Through a combination of Islamic education and a strong Muslim identity, the Nizami Order prepares students to appropriately navigate through youth-related situations that pertain to current day challenges that they may face.

After thorough research, the Nizami Committee has developed a rigorous, challenging and ultimately rewarding course of study for the Majlis student. The subjects studied at each level are as follows: 

  • Tafseer-ul-Quran 

  • Fiqh us Sunnah 

  • Aqeedah 

  • Tazkiyah 

  • Hadith 

  • Seerah 

Each phase builds on the previous one, and students will engage in a Decade of Education in Islamic Studies, receiving a certificate upon completion of the program.

2023 Curriculum Addition

In 2023, the Nizami Order will be implementing an addition to our curriculum that will offer authentic, age-appropriate, and tradition-based knowledge related to our students’ physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health taught by trusted instructors from the Tarbiya Chaplaincy. In the age of (mis)information, the Muslim community has to gear up to address challenging issues faced by our youth in a pragmatic way grounded in our faith.

Topics covered will include Puberty, Reproduction & Menstruation, Hygiene, Healthy living, Relationship Rights, Community Relationships, Self-Esteem, Mental Health, Entertainment (Social Media/Video Games), Sexual Deviance, and Modesty.

Representatives from the Tarbiya Chaplaincy Department will be providing these sessions to our Nizami students.

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Interested in our Nizami Program?

Please contact us or download our handbook to learn more.

Membership Fees

To support the long term sustainability and growth of the program, students will be charged an annual tuition fee in the amount of $1,200.

Single Student
  • Supports long term sustainability and growth of the program
  • Used to cover expenses; student events, field trips, administrative costs
Multiple Students
$1,200 - $800
  • $1,200/first sibling
  • $1,080/second sibling
  • $960/all additional siblings

Our Team

sofia website

Administrator, Nizami Order

Sofia Olomi

Meet Our Mentors

Our Nizami mentors are ordinary members or our community, who have stepped up to become leaders. They understand the value of educating and mentoring the youth, and use their Islamic knowledge and real life social skills to help create the next generation of our community's leaders.

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Br. Ahsan


Br. Arslan

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Imam Kamran

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Sr. Nazeela

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Br. Yousef

jamal samad

Br. Jamal


Sr. Hamsah


Sr. Khadija

Meet Our Majalis


This group has the honor of being our very first majlis. Each of them has a wide range of talents and interests, but what brings them together is a bond of brotherhood that has become a support through the challenges of the early teenage years.

Led by Imam Kamran Islam


[Flowers of the Deen] symbolize how these young girls are beginning to bloom on the most beautiful path.

Led by Sr. Nazeela Awan


Girls Religiously Lead is a majlis comprised of middle school to high school aged girls, who are leaders in the making, learning how to own their Muslim identity.

Led by Sr. Khadija Roshan


Comprised of high-school and early college students that are dedicated to compete with one another in act of goodness, kindness and in community service.

Led by Br. Yousef Nawabi

Majlis Al-Ihsaan

Ihsaan is an Arabic term meaning goodness or excellence. It is a matter of taking one's inner faith (iman) and showing it in both, sayings and actions, a sense of social responsibility.

At Majlis Al-Ihsaan we aim to excel and show proficiency and excellence in everything we do as a group and strive for perfection while we do it.

Led by Br. Ahsan Sheikh

Majlis Ul-Haq

These young men one thing above all else: the Truth! In these gatherings, the topics of discussion are some of the most socially relevant issues of our time. Somehow they always seek out the spiritual value of every challenge and the moral core of every teaching.

Led by Imam Kamran Islam

Majlis ul-Usood

Bravery, strength, compassion, leadership.

The lions of Islam.

Led by Br. Arslan Sabir

The Gems

Led by Sr. Hamsah Azeez