A Nizami Testimonial

Keeping Alive the Torch of our Deen

Like all Muslim parents, the focus of the education of our kids is to prepare them and ready them to be the next generation embracing and keeping alive the “Torch of our Deen”.
Nizami sister

This was and still is a daunting challenge, to say the least, and tackling it is stressful as we never know if the outcome will be sustainably positive. With the Grace of Allah, Tarbiya’ Nizami Program was the answer to our supplication. Our two girls (now ladies) and our younger son (now a gentleman) have benefited from this comprehensive, yet well-rounded program. Not only, they grew in knowledge and commitment to their Islamic heritage, but they also naturally bonded with other Muslim Majlis-mates. The program is comprehensive and covers many of the Islamic basics including the Qur'an, Sunnah/Seerah/Hadiths, and introduction to Fiqhi matters. The Majlis members are also involved in social gatherings and activities that help build an increasingly stronger bond between the attendees. As a result of these activities, each of my kids has succeeded in enjoying a special relationship with their peers and ultimately building their own “support system." Tarbiya took this program to another level by organizing week-long 'camps'. I have seen and witnessed an accelerated multi-dimensional growth of my kid's understanding of Islam and their adoption of Islamic manners.

Not only do I recommend adherence to this program, but I also call on all the parents to participate, support, and get involved in ensuring the success of all these activities. There are many open doors for parents’ contribution, from offering these Majlis with a dinner, hosting a Majlis in your home, sponsoring a sport or social activity, and more importantly volunteering as a Mentor or a chaperon.

~ Br Hichem

Author: Navera Rehimtoola
Categories: Nizami News