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Summer 2024

The Summer of Conquerors

Join Tarbiya for its annual Summer Camp: June 24th to July 18th, 2024. For 4 full weeks, we will delve into the triumphs of Islamic conquerors each week, discovering their legacies and the lessons they offer. This immersive program combines education with fun-filled activities, ensuring an enriching experience for every participant. As well as that, each week there will be an exciting field trip! Don't miss out on the chance for your children to learn and have fun – reserve their spot today and conquer the summer with Tarbiya!


Tarbiya Groups

Make new friends while picking up a hobby! From Soccer to Mommy&Me, Hiking to Soul Sisters, Tarbiya House Natomas offers small group activities for everyone!


Meet our Tarbiya House Natomas team members

Volunteers are at the heart of every program and event at Tarbiya. Volunteer Opportunities Reward, productive contributions to society and FUN all wrapped up in one? Sign me up!