A Nizami Adventure in Truckee

with Majlis ul-Usood [led by Br. Arslan Sabir]

Last week our boys Majlis-Ul Usood led by Br. Arslan and accompanied by one of our dear parents, Br. Usman Haider went on a small getaway to Truckee, CA. They spent two wholesome days together, cooking, playing games, engaging in snow activities, and spending quality time in one another’s company. These are the kinds of experiences we look forward to and in the Nizami Order, we want to bring them to life often. It is these experiences that our students remember for years to come and will inspire how they identify good company, great leadership, and mindful efforts. With the help of our amazing mentors in the Nizami Order, we emphasize more than Islamic intellect - we highlight the importance of social interactions and building true bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood.

The Nizami Order is committed to cultivating the next generation of scholars and leaders in the community.

The Nizami Order

Author: Navera Rehimtoola
Categories: Nizami