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Introducing the Nizami Order

Structured Islamic education beyond the Sunday school years.

Our History & Founding

While Europe lay dormant in the Dark Age, the Nizam-al-Mulk established the Nizamiyyah institutes, lighting a torch of knowledge that spread throughout the Empire, from Baghdad to Isfahan. The Nizamiyyah became renowned as the premier academic centers of the time, hosting professors like Imam al-Ghazzali. Many Nizami students went on to be the greatest minds of their time, including the Persian poet Sa’di. 

The Nizami Order was created to address the lack of structured Islamic education and support beyond the “Sunday school years,” for the youth and young adults. Though the Nizami Majlis-ul-Ilm, or Majlis for short, began as just one Majlis in 2017, now comprising seven youth groups and two groups for young professionals and adults. It is at the heart of our efforts to assist the community in finding harmony between one’s divine obligations and worldly responsibilities. Through seminar based learning, the Nizami Majlis fosters high-level Islamic education, discourse, and positive social activism.

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Our Philosophy

Our faith is deeply rooted in rich intellectual traditions, but the pursuit of Islamic knowledge and discourse has dissipated in the last few generations. Children have structured education through the elementary years, but have no program designed to engage them in higher learning when their minds and hearts are at their most inquisitive. Not only that, but the years between middle school and college are where these youth need the most guidance, where they are attacked on all sides with fitna. This has left an entire generation of youth and young adults spiritually and intellectually atrophied. The Nizami Order Majlis-ul-Ilm is an answer to this fracture in the Islamic education system of our community. The Majlis seeks to revive the comprehensive study of the Islamic Sciences and its application, to foster a lifelong bond with their majlis peers, and to prepare them for leadership.