The Charitable Opportunity

“One a cold, rainy Sunday - the young boys and men of two Majalis, Majlis al-Qalam [led by Imam Sherif Azeez] & Majlis ul-Usood [led by Br. Arslan Sabir], were blessed with an opportunity for charitable work.”

The younger brothers of Majlis ul-Usood spent the month of November collecting toys, gaming consoles, board games, children’s books, sports equipment and more for the refugee youth community while the adult brothers in Majlis al-Qalam purchased a pallet of goods built by Al-Misbaah for refugees in need.

The two groups of brothers met at Tarbiya House Roseville and travelled to Al-Misbaah where they helped load all the items into a truck, visited a refugee apartment complex and distributed the items directly to refugee families in need while interacting and talking with them.

It was a blessed, rainy Sunday where big brothers mentored younger brothers, and a brotherhood came together to fulfill a charitable task for our community members in need.

May Allah swt bless these brothers and every student in our Nizami program with the courage and dedication to continue on the path of charitable work and righteousness.

The Nizami Order is committed to cultivating the next generation of scholars and leaders in the community.

The Nizami Order

Author: Navera Rehimtoola
Categories: Nizami