A Divine Case for Du'aa: A Beautiful Universe

The Lord of the universe could just command his creation to worship Him, obey Him and pray onto Him.


Yet, in surat an-Naml he makes a case to humanity, when He doesn’t need to, in order to show that of all the entities in this universe and beyond, it Allah that we should turn our faces to in earnest prayer. In the month of Invocations, we plan to dedicate our Taraweeh khatirahs to 30 Quranic prayers. In our Jumaa Khutbas, we will investigate each of 5 divine cases for Duaa that Allah (swt) presents to us through surat an-Naml: The beauty of the universe, the functionality and order of the world, the ways by which Allah supports us, the paths to Hidaya an the sources of Rizq. Today inshaa’ Allah, we’ll cover an-Naml 60. Join us at any Tarbiya location for this beautiful journey throughout the blessed month. Ramadan Mubarak!

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