Imam Azeez | 5.16.21

A Life Changing Qiyam

The beautiful month of Ramadan is the most blessed time of the year, not only because of its acts of worship, community gatherings and spiritual enlightenment, but also because its supposed to inspire and inform habits that we can retain the rest of the year.

qiyam 2

This year, as we examine the Good life, we will focus in the khutbas of Ramadan on the acts of worship that we can carry over with us beyond Ramadan. Today inshaa’ Allah, we will talk about Qiyam. What is it? How is it performed? And how different is it from Tahajjud? And what can we learn from the Qiyam of Ramadan that will stay with us year round? Join us today to lean more, inshaa’ Allah.

Author: Navera Rehimtoola
Categories: Jumaa Khutbas