A Win for the Ummah

Days ago, Argentina was crowned the Queen of soccer at the World Cup that was held in Qatar.

(Photo Credit: History Of Soccer - https://historyofsoccer.info)

(Photo Credit: History Of Soccer - https://historyofsoccer.info)
While most spectators followed the games through the lens of sports fans, a believer needs to have more discerning eyes, especially in this day and age. Nowhere else do nations and people cheer for some other country that they were not born in, never visited, and will never see. Yet, Muslims from all over the world cheered for Morocco without necessarily knowing anything about the country except that it is a Muslim nation. What drives this spirit of solidarity? What is the definition of Ummah? What makes the Islamic experience unique and what do we learn from the World Cup as we navigate through modern life as one Ummah?

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Author: Navera Rehimtoola
Categories: Jumaa Khutbas