Expanding Islamic Spiritual Care to Muslim Inmates


On Monday evening, a group of our chaplains completed orientation with the Coalition for Civil Freedoms to begin offering spiritual care via written correspondence with Muslim political inmates who were put behind bars as a result of the war on terror. The orientation was led by Sr. Nada Dibas and featured Dr. Johnathan Brown who shared his experience corresponding with inmates. These inmates are isolated and kept far away from their loved ones. Our goals are to build social connections for prisoners and provide them access to a qualified person whom they can receive Islamic spiritual care from. To learn more about our work in prisons, connect with us at [email protected].

“Every time you write a letter, and that letter passes through all those barriers, walls, and bars, and it finally slips itself under a prisoner’s door…do you know what that does? It reminds him or her that they still exist…that they still matter…that they have occupied a place in someone else’s mind beyond the walls and the barbwire…it reignites the dying light of hope and it helps them go on for just a little longer.”
- Anonymous Political Prisoner

Author: Navera Rehimtoola
Categories: Chaplaincy Stories