The Shahadah

Jumaa - July 2, 2021

Alexandra Riggs is a wife, a mother and a creative writer for an advertisement and marketing firm.

shahada jumaa

When her high-school son took a social studies class and learned about Islam, he would share class content with his mom in the afternoons after school. Gradually, Alexandra's interest in Islam grew and she started reading independently about it. One fateful day, Alexandra met two Tarbiya community members at one of her son's soccer meets. She asked them about Islam and where she could find local resources - they told her about Tarbiya. Ever since, Alexandra has been attending Jumaa and growing her knowledge and love for Islam, until she took her Shahadah recently.

We are very excited to welcome Sr. Alexandra Riggs into the fold of Islam and our Tarbiya family.

Author: Navera Rehimtoola