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Masjid Tarbiya 50

Since we first opened our small location in Natomas two years ago, our small and dedicated community has steadily and loyally grown. Though smaller in space, Tarbiya House Natomas offered all the services as the Roseville location. That was no surprise since these same community members used to drive out to placer county for services weekly or even twice a week! However, as our community grew, it became apparent we needed to upgrade and the search for a more space began!

A month before the beginning of Ramadan 2021, we found a space only 3 minutes away from our old location and signed the lease by the grace of Allah (swt).This building - 4027 N Freeway Blvd, is iconic for us as it was previously a church. Possessing a huge auditorium and large hallways for big crowds, it was ideal for our expansion. On a Friday night before Ramadan, the community, excited and eager, arrived late in the evening to thoroughly wash every inch of the new facility and give it a proper ghusl. Together we cleansed it for the worship of Allah SWT, called the Maghreb Adhan, and prostrated to Allah for the first time in that space.

Outside the building was a towering cross visible from interstate 80. By the will of Allah, that cross is now gone. Instead, our Tarbiya banner is strung across the front lawn, inviting Muslims from the Greater Sacramento area to join our Tarbiya Family.

With the dedication and tireless efforts of our volunteers, we decorated and set up a space that is beautiful and welcoming for brothers and sisters to visit, pray, and participate in all our programs and services.

By the blessing of Allah, what was once a church is now a masjid. What was once witness to shirk now bears witness to Allah (swt).

Author: Navera Rehimtoola
Categories: Tarbiya Stories