The Headquarters

Allah’s blessings upon us have been absolutely abundant.

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From our first jumaa five years ago at the Rocklin Community Center, to outdoor jumaa service against the heat of summer at the Rocklin Community park, to our first location in Roseville - Suite 80. It was small but it was beautiful and blessed. Our numbers grew so rapidly that we started spilling into every little area and realized we needed a bigger space - Suite 100. We used Suite 100 for three years and grew our programs, quality, and blessings from Allah SWT. When we grew so much that we were praying in corridors and having to host taraweeh outdoors - Alhamdulillah we found our permanent location. The building is 32,000 sq. feet that sits on 4 acres and will be able to satisfy all our current needs for the foreseeable future. But when we dream about the future, we realize that the sky is the limit once we take into consideration the additional 5 acres that can be built into our vision, our dream.

In Surat al-Tauba, Allah SWT describes the qualities of the people who tend to Gods houses by not only maintaining them but by bringing life and joy into them. It is among these that are the guided in this world. The masjid is the place where people connect with their creator and connect with each other. Our new facility brings this spirit into our community. With a prayer space that is more than two times bigger than our previous space, ample parking, separate babysitting areas, offices for rent, gym and locker rooms with dedicated “sisters only” days, a community hall, youth lounge, and much more! Tarbiya House Roseville on Foothills Dr. is our religious and social center where we serve Allah and serve each other.

Our beloved Prophet ﷺ taught us an important lesson, that the Masjid is not just a place where we pray, it’s the central core of our community.

Author: Navera Rehimtoola
Categories: Tarbiya Stories