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A photojournalist, two Tarbiya House locations, and a new website.

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Building our new website, we knew we didn't want Tarbiya Institute to be represented through traditional stock photography. With a completely fresh environment at our two new locations - our team urgently needed professional photography services and we posted a simple call for volunteer photographers on our social media channels.

Within 24 hours, we received several contacts offering their services but one stood out in particular. Sr Ashley Nicole, who worked as a photojournalist in the U.S. Air Force and continued on as a photographer shooting events and portraits in the Greater Sacramento Area. She offered to volunteer during the month of Ramadan and take one session of photos to help bring our website to life through real photos of our locations and community. One session turned into five with Sr. Ashley putting in countless hours working with our team to take photos at both our Tarbiya House locations in addition to many late nights working on post production editing. Most of the imagery you see on our new website is a result of her dedication, drive and inspiration. We pray that Sr. Ashley is rewarded bountifully for the incredible beauty she has brought through her lens.

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Author: Navera Rehimtoola
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