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Coder, graphic designer, and solution-focused creative.

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Allah is helping the servant as long as the servant is helping his brother. [Muslim]

Br. Abid is one of our Nizami Order students under the mentorship of Imam Kamran who noticed an issue and proposed a brilliant solution. At the start of the Masjid’s re-opening after months of our doors being closed due to the drastic and severe spread of COVID-19, the Tarbiya team underwent a lengthy check-in process for every individual jumaa attendee to ensure safety and provide a contact tracing method. Br. Abid noticed the long lines outside our doors prior to jumaa and proposed the creation of an app that generated a QR code based on a community members information. Once the QR code was scanned by the Tarbiya team, the jumaa attendee’s information was automatically populated into a spreadsheet for easy access. After weeks of coding and testing, Br. Abid launched the app in partnership with Br Hammad and it revolutionized the check-in process! Our team was able to cut the check in time down drastically by utilizing the new technology.

In addition to this app, Br. Abid has designed 3D models of sections of the new Foothills facility to assist the Tarbiya team in visualizing remodeling options as well as several other imp Tarbiya projects. Please keep Br. Abid and his team in your prayers, May Allah swt continue to grow their talents in the best of ways.

Author: Navera Rehimtoola
Categories: Tarbiya Stories