The Roof

This is the beauty of the Tarbiya Groups - they gather for the sake of Allah swt and they serve for the sake of Allah swt.

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Four years ago, an idea to create a small group of brothers who have a passion to play soccer, or football as the name indicates, began building a brotherhood. Today, the brothers of the Tarbiya Football Club not only meet to play soccer - they meet to greet each other, check on each other and show their brothers a love and respect that was established in the House of Allah.

The Prophet Muhammad (S) says "The best of people are those who are the most beneficial to people." This group of brothers took the initiative to clean the entire roof at Tarbiya House Roseville! They planned and executed the initiative from start to finish - from gathering and utilizing their own tools, investing the majority of their day in the cold weather, to cleaning every square foot of the roof - they gathered for the sake of Allah swt and served for the sake of Allah swt.

After the Tarbiya Football Club collected all the dead leaves, fallen branches, and pressured washed all the dirt away, they joyously got together for a barbecue.

Author: Navera Rehimtoola
Categories: Tarbiya Stories