Ramadan 2023

Night of Ilm

elya foll tiimakthexk unsplash

If I commute out of town every day, is the fast still mandatory for me? How can I get the most out of my fast if I am working from home? How do I increase my ibadah if I'm taking care of my family all day?

Join us NEXT Friday, March 17th at either Tarbiya House Roseville or Tarbiya House Natomas for our annual Night of ’Ilm, where our Imams will address all your questions about fasting and Ramadan. This will be an excellent opportunity to prepare for the coming month and to answer any questions you may have about fasting this year.

Following this Q&A, we'll be working on beautifying and cleaning our masjid. Join us to prepare for and welcome this special month with our beloved community. We need your hands and help to beautify our Masjid, indoor and outdoor by deep cleaning the masallah, installing string lights, and more! 

Friday, March 17th @ 7:00 PM
Tarbiya House Roseville & Natomas