Ramadan 2023

Ramadan: Halfway or Half-Hearted?

Save the date for our annual Youth Qiyam at Tarbiya House Natomas.

artur kornakov cpU3JRjiJwk unsplash

We’ve almost reached the halfway point of Ramadan but are we taking advantage of the Barakah that is available to us from Allah? Are we capitalizing on the enormous benefits that Allah has laid out for us this month? We are calling all youth to this night of reflection and introspection to ask ourselves how much we do for ourselves and our Lord.  Join Tarbiya Institute for our 2nd Youth Qiyam of Ramadan 2023 with khatirahs, games, reflections, Halaqas, suhoor, Mykonos Gyros food truck, and more! You won’t want to miss another unforgettable Youth Qiyam!

Saturday, April 1st @ 11:45 PM
Tarbiya House Natomas