Arabic Language, Year 1

Building Blocks to Comprehend Simple Words and Sentences

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Arabic Language Year 1: Building Blocks to Comprehend Simple Words and Sentences is a intermediate level course in the Arabic Certification Program. Arabic is one of the world's most widely spoken languages. Recognizing the growing interest in learning Arabic, Tarbiya Seminary has developed Arabic language courses years 1 & 2, tailored to cater to both beginners and those seeking to advance their linguistic skills. These courses provide a holistic approach to language learning, combining essential foundations in Arabic language year 1 with a focus on improving grammatical speech components in Arabic language year 2.

The Arabic program spans a total of six trimesters, with three trimesters dedicated to each course. Arabic language year 1 serves as an introductory course designed to help students establish a basic understanding of the Arabic language. This course targets individuals with little to no prior experience in Arabic, welcoming diverse learners from various linguistic backgrounds. Its primary objectives include introducing students to the Arabic script, developing essential vocabulary, and familiarizing them with fundamental sentence structures.

*Students that did not complete Arabic 100 will need to take an assessment test upon registering for the course.*

Every Sunday ~ Dec 10th, 2023 - March 3rd, 2024

11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Tarbiya House Roseville


Sr Amal Osman

One of the best and brightest that our community has to offer, Sr. Amal is a capable university-level educator who skillfully engages students in topics to drive home points and expand intellectual horizons. An articulate speaker with good documentation and mentoring abilities, she works with children as if they are her own, with a passion and a technique that is rare! You can tell that a child has been in her class based on how much they love our deen.