Foundations of Arabic

A three-part course starting September 23rd
arabic 3

Want to enhance your Arabic skills? Refine your abilities with this basic level three-part Arabic course; no pre-requisites required. By the end of the Academic Year, you will gain skills in reading, writing, vocabulary, and basic sentence structure. This course is a preparatory course for Arabic Language, Year 1. Acquire the basics of the Arabic alphabet (from Alif to Yaa) through knowledge of recognizing the letters, the correct movements and formation of the letters through exercises and class activities. Read and write short sentences and comprehend the simple grammar through exercises and class activities.

By the end of the third trimester the students shall acquire beginners level Arabic language proficiency. With the help of the textbook and workbook, the students will be able to distinguish and pronounce all Arabic sounds, write accurately and comprehend simple written paragraph from the workbook.

Every Sunday ~ Dec 10th, 2023 - March 3rd, 2024

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Tarbiya House Roseville

Course Instructor

Sr Amal Osman

One of the best and brightest that our community has to offer, Sr. Amal is a capable university-level educator who skillfully engages students in topics to drive home points and expand intellectual horizons. An articulate speaker with good documentation and mentoring abilities, she works with children as if they are her own, with a passion and a technique that is rare! You can tell that a child has been in her class based on how much they love our deen.