The Scholar & The King

A three-trimester course starting Fall 2023
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The Scholar & the King' is Tarbiya Seminary's first-ever survey course on the rich intellectual traditions of Islamic history. Our instructors, Imam Sherif Azeez, and Sr. Saira Siddiqui, have worked together to translate and analyze Arabic and Muslim primary sources to bring you Islamic history as you've never studied it before. The course will critically examine the relationship between sovereigns and scholars whose words and pens shaped empires and birthed the Golden Age of ilm. This ilm is our inheritance, responsibility, and our spiritual defense as modern Muslims. 

To know the past is to be prepared for the future. History is an intellectual pathway to strengthening one's own identity in an increasingly secular postmodern world. Unlike history courses taught at
secular institutions, Tarbiya students will have the opportunity to gain an authentically Muslim perspective on the past. Join us this Fall semester and get to know the men and women who protected the faith, built empires, and left us with a rich inheritance: answers to practical questions about spirituality, community, and leadership in the modern world.  

Every Wednesday ~ Dec 13th, 2023 - March 6th, 2024

6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Tarbiya House Roseville

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Course Instructor

Dr. Imam Sherif Azeez

Imam Sherif is the Co-Founder and Executive Imam at Tarbiya Institute, and an entrepreneur whose career spans more than two decades. He studied English Literature, Business Administration and Islamic Studies and received a Master’s in Strategic Business Unit Management from HEC Paris. He recently completed his Doctorate of Nonprofit Leadership and Management. Imam Sherif is trained in the Islamic sciences, finished memorizing the Quran at a young age, and received a degree from The Islamic Studies Institute in Egypt.

Education Support Specialist

Sr. Saira Siddiqui

Supporting this course with Imam Sherif is Sr. Saira Siddiqui. Sr. Saira is a teacher by profession with a Master of Arts in History, and is passionate about education programs for all members and age groups in the community. She pioneered programs for infants and young children at Tarbiya, served as the first Director of the Nizami Order and is now sharing her knowledge and skills to design and teach this unique perspective on the past.