Purification of the Soul

Tarbiya Seminary is excited to announce an upcoming course, Purification of the Soul, presented by IOK and taught with Imam Sherif Azeez.

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The 11th century polymath al-Ghazali discusses Islamic ethics at length in his magnum opus, Revival of the Religious Sciences. The author illuminates the purification process by teaching us how to diagnose and cure bad character. Furthermore, he delineates the most salient prophetic traits and the methods to embrace them. Register today for this 10 week class as we read this essential work with the goal of purifying our hearts and inculcating the beautiful character of our Messenger into our lives. Some of the topics covered will be: Envy, Ostentation, Miserliness, Rancor, Arrogance, Humility, Forbearance, Gratitute, Sincerity, Reliance, and Contentment with the Divine Decree. 

Starting Saturday, December 3rd @ 11:00 AM
Tarbiya House Roseville

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Imam Sherif Azeez

Imam Sherif is the Co-Founder and Executive Imam at Tarbiya Institute, and an entrepreneur whose career spans more than two decades. He studied English Literature, Business Administration and Islamic Studies and received a Master’s in Strategic Business Unit Management from HEC Paris. He is currently pursuing his Doctorate of Nonprofit Leadership and Management. Imam Sherif was trained in the Islamic sciences, finished memorizing the Quran at a young age, and receiving a degree from The Islamic Studies Institute in Egypt. He brings a host of Islamic knowledge, professional experience and a passion to further Islamic education initiatives in the Muslim community.