Tazkiyah: Purification of the Soul

A three-trimester course starting Winter 2023
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The Tazkiyah: Purification of the Soul is Tarbiya Seminary's first-ever survey course on the path to maintaining a pure and sound heart in the face of life's challenges and temptations. The Tarbiya Seminary is proud to offer you this course that focuses on the profound journey of purifying the soul from an Islamic perspective. Delving into the spiritual depths of Islam, we will explore practices and teachings aimed at cleansing and nurturing the soul. Dr. Imam Sherif Azeez will lead us in understanding the transformative power of Islamic principles, providing insights that serve as a spiritual compass for modern Muslims seeking purification and inner harmony.

In Surah Shu'ara, Aya 88 and 89 emphasize that on the Day of Judgment, neither wealth nor children will be of any benefit; only those with pure hearts will be saved. These two ayat highlight the importance of Tazkiyya, the purification of the self, in Islam. Tazkiyya refers to the process of transforming one's desires from impulsive responses to aligning with the will of Allah (SWT). This spiritual purification is considered the most significant investment, more valuable than wealth or children. To achieve a sound heart, one must focus on eliminating blameworthy traits that can corrupt the heart and cultivate praiseworthy traits that promote purity and spiritual well-being. Tazkiyya is the path to maintaining a pure and sound heart in the face of life's challenges and temptations. Join us on this spiritual journey as we embark on learning the tools and methods that bring us closer to Allah SWT and earn His pleasure, guidance, and love.

Every Saturday ~ Dec 9th, 2023 - March 2nd, 2024

9:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Tarbiya House Roseville

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Course Instructor

Dr. Imam Sherif Azeez

Dr. Imam Sherif is the Co-Founder and Executive Imam at Tarbiya Institute, and an entrepreneur whose career spans more than two decades. He studied English Literature, Business Administration and Islamic Studies and received a Master’s in Strategic Business Unit Management from HEC Paris. He recently completed his Doctorate of Nonprofit Leadership and Management. Imam Sherif is trained in the Islamic sciences, finished memorizing the Quran at a young age, and received a degree from The Islamic Studies Institute in Egypt.