Every third Saturday, Tarbiya House Roseville @ 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Mommy&Me works to form a sense of community where Muslim parents and children have dedicated time together to build a deeper bond with each other, have a sense of belonging in the community and learn about Islam in a fun and exciting way.

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The Musallah at Tarbiya House Roseville was filled with laughter, yummy food, and the sound of tiny footsteps running around playing at the Mommy & Me KidsGiving held last Saturday! We welcomed over 30 children with their mothers to talk about Allah's name "Ash-Shakoor," the concept of gratitude, worked on a craft to visualize blessings the kids are grateful for while enjoying delicious snacks and drinks brought by all the moms!


We outlined and colored the name of Allah (swt), ventured outdoors to explore the creations of Allah (swt), and saved a few treasures to add to our coloring pages!


An-Nur is one of Allah’s names as well one of His attributes. Our fun activity helped us better understand the meaning of Allah’s name and how we can work on bringing Nur into our own hearts. The kids cut shapes out of paper and held the cutouts up to a projector light to show us how 'Nur' can shine through anything!


The kids had a wonderful time learning about the name of Allah, Al-Malik, and decorated and created special crowns to illustrate the majesty of Al-Malik. This session, each child had an opportunity to work on building self-confidence and speaking skills by presenting their decorated crown to the group on the mic!


Our mini Muslims loved learning about Allah (SWT)'s name Al-Baseer and creating decorated binoculars to 'see' through! 

Finding Your Family's Ramadan Tradition

Mommy&Me had a very special guest last session - Sr. Hira Rizvi from ZairZabrPlay! The kids had a blast during circle time as they played a round of Names of Allah before learning the importance of kind actions and not just kind words by reading the story of Prophet Suleiman (as) and the queen ant. Before making Ramadan calendars, the group discussed different ways to build Ramadan traditions. Like what you see? Join Mommy&Me today!


Moms and mini-Muslims enjoyed a fun Mommy & Me session learning about Allah's name - Al Aziz. Sr. Sarah Kiani spoke with the moms and kids about the power and meaning of 'Al-Aziz' before engaging the children in an activity while teaching them about Allah swt as Al Aziz. The kids made colorful superhero capes and colored masks before enjoying free play time as their own strong, powerful heroes! Check out more pictures here!