The Dream Team

At Tarbiya House Roseville, it’s our Dream Team. 

dream team

I have never felt so at home at a masjid as I have at Tarbiya which has honestly become my second home.

These are not the words of an engineer who moved to the area recently, or a statement made by a mom who reconnected with the community after a few years of professional fatigue. Rather, they were the words of Hanna Khan, a 16 year old who has been a rising star in Tarbiya’s youth corp. Hannah, alongside 6 of her friends, formed what came to be known as the “Dream Team”, a cohort of young volunteers who did everything at the masjid from moving chairs to registering kids at Sunday School. 

The Dream Team particularly shined in the month of Ramadan. They exemplified the spirit of service in ways that haven’t been seen before in the community. They helped plan, organize and execute the first Ramadan program held at Tarbiya’s new facility in Roseville. They served food at Iftars, did security, and greeted community members with precious smiles. They helped our youth directors and office managers carry out integral plans around the campus and held down the fort every time they were called to serve.

But the assignment that truly brought to the fore the Dream Team’s amazing talent, was their astonishingly successful management of the summer camp. 6 hours a day, 4 days a week, one month of summer, and over 30 kids, wreaking havoc and screaming their lungs out, and the Dream Team still managed to check them in and out every day, keep them engaged, teach them Islamic knowledge, and fill their hearts with the love of God and the pride of being Muslim.

Dream Team, keep marching forward and keep dreaming, and inshaa’ Allah one day your dreams will become a reality!

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Author: Navera Rehimtoola
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